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Who are we?

Bildu S.A.S is a development and digital marketing Company, dedicated to creating creative solutions for our Client’s needs.

What do we offer?

Bildu S.A.S offers much more than a website or application. At Bildu, we create vitrines to the world, transforming the way people interact with your Company online, and it turn, how your clients and users perceive you, online.


We offer a guided consultation, to better understand your needs and offer a variety of ways those needs can be met.

With results in mind, we then design a modular solution (web or app) ), that adapts to your needs.

The result? A dynamic solution that is manageable, modern, secure, exclusive and adaptable to any device.

Software Engineering
No templates!

We hear your needs and design modular solutions and personalize these to adapt to your processes, products and services.

Diverse Technology

We work with the latest technology, in terms of web development geared towards the web, which allows us to guarantee excellent quality and the greatest satisfaction, for out clients.

All in one

Professional email.
Our custom-fit solution (web or app).


This is not based on “web-presence”, we optimize (SEO) and integrate solutions with a number of technologies that allow us to offer functionality control, analytics, compatibility, and marketing (SEM & SMM), such as a variety of tools that ensure the success of your web strategy.

The result is a unique experience in reaching the world


Custom-fit Development.
Brand consulting, planning, and digital marketing.
Professional drafting and editorial services (Spanish & English).