Minecraft is the best definition of the word "Development"

Jhon F. Martínez
Minecraft has all kinds of opinions in the gaming communities ...
For some people, it is a boring game, you only hit and place blocks, for others is a game that has infinite potential to create, explore and play with friends.
They are both right, in the first versions you only broke and place blocks, some creative people did a kind of pixel-art, reaching truly impressive results.

The constant development and the community acceptance, Made Minecraft being the best-selling game in history, and then Microsoft paid 2.5 billion dollars for it.

Its creator Markus Persson with his studio Mojang, and later Microsoft Studios (its current owner) always develop and implements all kinds of things in the world of Minecraft. Of course, always listening to the suggestions of the community.

And it is that we go from accommodating blocks, to an open world with practically infinite possibilities, offering its player's a lot of different experiences.

Pixel art in Minecraft
In the purely creative part, there is an increasing variety of blocks that are implemented, so the artistic possibilities are increasingly widespread. 
Exploration and adventure
Forest and mountains in Minecraft
The environment evolved so much that it became a variety of biomes, with unique elements from each area and even a diversity of fauna, and not only on the surface. Caverns, mines, dungeons, and even trips to other worlds offer endless areas to visit and discover. 

Given a large number of enemies we have weapons, armor, potions, enchantments, and all this added to reactive elements of the environment and the same constructions ... They can offer a truly exciting combat experience.
Minecraft enemies
It is one of the things that has evolved the most, and that is that even basic digital electronics can be applied, in this way on the Internet we can find endless impressive constructions and guides on how to create them. ranging from automated farms and fortresses with strong defenses, to a processor (that's how wide the possibilities are)
Minecraft contructions
The great potential offered by the game led to its use even reaching the educational environment.
We can even find digital electronics courses aimed at young people and children with examples of application in the game.
Minecraft Education Edition Logo
International programs
Block by Block Logo
The United Nations created the urban planning and development program "Block by block" allowing the ideas of a young audience created with the same tools that the game offers. 
minecraft-1618142_1280.jpg 239 KB
I don't think anyone expected significant graphic improvements, to our surprise the latest versions add support to Ray Tracing, one of the most striking graphics technologies of the moment.
This technology developed by Nvidia brings the lighting to a practical real level, so now our ugly and pixelated cubes have perfect light behavior, providing an experience that could never have been imagined in this game. 


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