What is a domain?

Víctor Ramírez
A domain is the name through which all services associated with it, can be located through the Internet.

To understand this concept better, an analogy can be made with the places and addresses of a city. To locate a business, a park, a shopping center, or our own home, we must have an address. On the Internet, these unique addresses are known as IP addresses, which are the logic backbone of the network and allow the precise identification of where in the world a cloud service is hosted (mail, website, messaging, drive, etc.).

Because these addresses have a decimal or hexadecimal structure, it is difficult to share a web page with that address. Therefore, to make life easier for us, and thanks to a global service called DNS (Domain Name System), we can transform these addresses into names that are easy to share and remember.

Returning to the analogy, it is like we assigned a name to the address of our houses, for example, myhouse.bildu.com.co, and by sharing it through the Internet and thanks to the DNS service, all those who want to reach to this, they are automatically directed to our physical address.


How does this apply to my company or business?

It is important that a company or business has its own unique name on the Internet since this will allow you to associate your website with that name and hire a mail service @ el-dominio-de-la-empresa.com among others.


How do I choose my domain?

It is important to choose a domain according to the brand, which is short, easy to write and, as far as possible, that the extension (ending of the domain name) is aligned with the mission of the company, for example, domains ending with .com are apply to any trade, .co Colombia; although some use it as an abbreviation for company in English, .app applications, .store or .shop for stores and many others.


How can I buy a domain?

To acquire a domain, it is necessary to create an account at a domain registrar. These are companies specialized in the acquisition and administration of domains who generally offer significant discounts with the purchase of the first domain. Each registrar has a domain search engine where you can validate if it is available for purchase.

NOTE: At the end of the post I leave you a link with the 10 best domain registrars of 2020.

At Bildu Company we can help you with advice to acquire your domain and start building your presence on the Internet through the multiple web solutions we have for you. We hope this article has been useful to you.


The 10 best domain registrars according to HostingFacts. https://hostingfacts.com/choosing-best-domain-registrar/